How To Work For Your Favourite Rapper

What a dope manisfestation.

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Is it really possible to land your DREAM job, only a handful of months out of college? Apparently so. But I bet you’ve never had afirst day like this before…


Here is how to work for your favourite rapper:

The first day of work is never easy. You hope that your new peers will like you; you hope your new boss will be impressed. Well, today is your first day at your new job… except your job is a cross-country rap-tour, your peers are world-class musicians and your boss, who invited you on said tour, has won a triplet of Grammy awards. He’s 24, and he’s your favorite rapper.

As a 22-year-old yourself, freshly graduated, you harbor the powers of the internet and somehow secure the dream job from your thrifty confines in Sydney, Australia – a temporary shelter from the true responsibilities of the motherland – Canada. Life can…

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How to make money blogging

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In the past several weeks, I have been having fun entertaining a new and interesting idea: making money through blogging. A lot of people apparently do this, and I am curious about how they do it, as are half of the internet. With this in mind, I have done ALL the research for you, and this is what I have found out.

The ways people make money blogging:

  1. Following the selected niches that make money through blogging. Hint: Would you like to know the #1 niche…how to make money blogging!
  2. Offering a course on how to make money blogging – there are a LOT of these, and, let me tell yah..if I manage to make $10,000 per month the way some of these people claim, I guarantee I will not be selling this information at some ridiculous price that would make the Queen of England double check her account balance…

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