10 Ways Alexa Made This Mommy’s Life Easier

10 Ways Alexa

So I bought my hubby an Echo Dot for Father’s Day, but I’ve fallen in love with it. Sure the Dot’s virtual assistant software, Alexa, is not as snarky, fun, or quick witted as Siri but she’s super useful, especially for a busy mommy like myself. Here are the ten Alexa commands that have made my life a easier.

1. “Alexa, add my 2:30 appointment on the 23rd to my calendar.”

Alexa is my assistant. She helps me keep up with my schedule just by telling her when and where. Sure I could do this with Siri, but I never know where my phone is when I’m at home. I’m always asking her for reminders. Remind me to pack this, or remind me to write that… She’s the best because the way my memory is set up…

2. “Alexa, add diapers to my shopping list.” Or anything else.

If I wait to get to a pen and paper while the baby is screaming or the 5 year old is tearing up the house, I’d never remember what to add to my list. Not only that. Once I tell her what to add on my list it shows up in my app, which is perfect because I always leave my list on the kitchen counter anyway.

3. “Alexa, send hubby a text.” 

This, and her ability to make calls, are my favorite voice commands.

4. “Alexa, let’s mediate.”

This will open a quick 1 minute meditation to help you relax and relieve stress.

clarke-sanders-254796Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

5. “Alexa, let’s play Jeopardy.”

Having a little fun makes this mommy happy. I look forward to playing Jeopardy with Alexa. It’s quick and challenges the brain to think fast. As of today, I’m in the top 1% of Jeopardy players on Alexa. She asks six questions everyday and you answer in the form of a question, just like on the show. It’s actually kind of nerve racking but it’s so much fun. You can also just ask Alexa to “play a game.” On our stay at home date night, we played 21 questions and Alexa had to guess what animal we were thinking of. That was hilarious.

6. “Alexa, what time is it.”

This is my most used command. I’m usually screaming it through the house when I’m trying to get ready in the morning. I hate mornings, but she helps me get out of the house a little faster.

7. “Alexa, play Rock-a-bye Baby station on Pandora.”

Or sometimes it’s play Beyonce station. Whatever it is, it seems to brighten up everyone’s mood in the house.

8. “Alexa, Turn the TV on.”

Yeah. I’m that lazy sometimes.

9. “Alexa, how are my stocks doing.”

Yeah, this one makes me feel a little bougie, but hey why not. Even though I’m investing long term I still like to know how my stocks are doing or when it’s a good time to buy more.

10. “Alexa, set the livingroom lights to warm light.”

She works perfectly with my Hue lights, which I sometimes hate because I can never find my phone to turn them on or off. Now I just set the mood with my voice. (Yeah we love gadgets in our house).


Other reasons Alexa is Bae

She Orders Pizza

She allows you to buy things with Amazon Prime

She can get you a ride with Uber

She can set a timeout timer when the littles need time to think about their actions.


Another great thing about Alexa is that she is always evolving and gaining new skills. I can’t wait to see how intelligent she becomes and what other ways she can help busy mommies out. For less than $50 she’s more than worth it.


What’s your favorite Alexa command? Are you team Alexa or Team Siri?

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