My Brown Sugar Box Unboxing

The Brown Sugar Box

I’m in love with this box and I knew I would be after seeing the ads on Facebook and visiting Izzy& This is the third subscription box that I’ve tried. The first was the Ujamma Box, the second was the Target Baby Box (not a subscription box, but same idea), and now I’ve unboxed the Brown Sugar Box. This box specifically honors black women and shares Izzy & Liv’s brilliantly crafted products. Each box either comes with a t-shirt or sweatshirt from the Izzy & Liv apparel line and other awesome surprises. The Brown Sugar Box costs 39.95 per month (but of course I hook you up with a code at the end of this post $5 off) and you receive 5-6 items in each box.


Super Cute Packaging

First of all the name is delicious. The box has a super cute natural hair girl on the top and it’s definitely a box I want to keep to store things in. The box also comes with their June magazine that includes product descriptions, articles, and discounts from black owned businesses.


Martin/90’s themed

If you loved the 90’s hit series Martin you have get your hands on this. This month’s box has two products that you will love. First is the t-shirt. I was surprised. I opened the box and saw the name Martin and I was thinking that I got an MLK shirt, (which would’ve been cool too) but it was actually a shirt with the names of all the of the main cast. People are definitely going to comment if you wear this awesome shirt. (retail $28)

I also damn near fell out of my seat when I saw the Shenehneh “Oh my goodness” key chain. Hilarious. The two products are something not everyone will understand, but those that do…we’re connected. (retail $10)


Mother Earth Leatherette Clutch and matching leatherette compact case

The clutch and matching compact case boldly boast an abstract black woman. It is aesthetically stunning. Every girl will want to know where you got it. I know I’m definitely going to be using my clutch to slip my iPad mini in. Clutch (retail $40) Compact Mirror (retail $18)

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The Brown Sugar Box Special edition Goddess Mini Headwrap & Hoop set

Thanks to the Brown Sugar Box I now have my second headwrap. The Goddess Mini wrap is from Skirtsy a company that also has a subscription box for Ankara skirts. The Goddess Mini had a bold patern that you can wear casually or dress it up. It’s great for a beginner wrap wearer like me because it doesn’t have a ton of material to figure out. Of course I love big, bold earrings that showcase my heritage and tell a story, so I will be getting a lot of use out of these. Skirtsy Goddess mini headwrap (retail $15) Earrings (retail $10)

The Verdict

I love this box and like the creators say, they deliver culture confidence and soul. The items are practical, stylish, and fun. For someone like me that loves t-shirts that have daring sayings and represent something unique about my culture, this box is awesome. The value is great. It was my introduction to Izzy & Liv products and I’m smitten. I do plan on keeping my subscription and I can’t wait to see next month’s box.

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