5 Things About Sisterhood and Synchronicity


Two weeks ago I stepped out on faith for my career and my spirit, and I drove 500 miles for the Between Words & Water Writing Retreat. A Facebook sponsored ad popped up on my screen one day, and I clicked the link and my life changed. Dramatic? I called my husband and number 1 supporter. He gave me the “do what you want.” Then I called my mom and asked her opinion. I told her I didn’t know the host or any of the people going but I loved what the retreat was offering, Reiki readings, yoga, a Gullah tour, and more. I thought my mother would say, “No. Don’t do it. You don’t know these people,” but to my surprise, she said, “Go.” Then we brainstormed about how we would take care of my child. Mama covered that, too. #Ittakesavillage

When I got there, I was greeted with hugs, awesome energy, sage for smudging, and a beautiful journal. I met six lovely and conscious women. The conversation was great and the food divine #chefkey. I’m still in awe that I ate and enjoyed vegan food. I also received some great feedback for the Griot. As we sat on the patio beach house, that overlooked the pool, I thought of the movie Love Jones when the friends gathered and enjoyed good conversation. What I learned from these women and their spirits was invaluable. Finding that link was pure synchronicity. This was the first time that I sat and talked with a room full of women—besides Oprah in my mind—who were spiritually conscious. Ase. #keepyaeyesopen

  1. Synchronicity

    When you are manifesting your dreams, the Universe puts people and situations in your life that are in sync with your vision.13220786_10102501155142207_1126696080724206416_o

  2. Villages

    Although we are a military family, we’ve have been blessed with a wonderful village to help us raise our child. From our parents to my friends…thank you. Mom stepped in and took off work to watch my baby. 13235282_10102499982871447_2661114752760910058_o

  3. Sisterhood

    The feminine energy at this retreat was amazing and what I needed. Oya and Yemoja were present, too. I got to meditate and practice yoga with these women. Jamie Fleming-Dixon was in her element as our yoga coach. 13198370_10102501155127237_7684161240213276049_o

  4. Good food

    There’s nothing like food prepared with love. No meat for two days was new for me. I went into it with an open mind, and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks, Chef Key.13247923_10102501155271947_2242483862144529753_o

  5. I am a Griot

    A griot is a storyteller. I am a griot. It’s what I do every day when I stand in front of my students. At the retreat, I had the blessing to be able to share my story with writing coach, Trelani Duncan, and the other women. I am living my dream. thegriot

9 thoughts on “5 Things About Sisterhood and Synchronicity

  1. You have such a reserved, but powerful presence. And everytime you opened your mouth, your words resonated. I’m so deeply appreciative that you followed through and have such an amazing village (shout out to Mom and the mista). The Griot? The world better get ready…

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  2. This sounds like an amazing experience. I love hearing stories about when putting yourself out there and trying something new pays off. It’s great that you were able to have this experience.


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