Choosing a Book Cover Artist

I may be jumping the gun, however, I just went through the daunting process of choosing a book cover design artist. It’s scary because I am spending a lot of money hiring a person I don’t know, and I need them to do something that is very important, bringing The Griot to life.

I chose to get this part of self-publishing out of the way now because I know that this will inspire me to finally get The Griot done.

I went through and chose five professional book cover artists, all of which have worked with large publishing companies. (One of them designed for Zane!!!) I choose the five who had beautiful and professional covers. I then explained what I wanted and what my story was about, and they either declined or asked more questions. I got three quotes back, two of which were exuberant– to me at least–, and chose one. Luckily the young lady I chose has done some excellent work and I love her personality.


She now has my precious manuscript. I just pray that she does Zen justice.

The next steps are rewrites, proofreading, finding an editor, and pre-sales.



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