Valarie S Thomas Social Media Strategist and Blogger

Who Am I?

I’m, Valarie S Thomas, a social media strategist and blog writer who desires to work with healthcare practitioners who serve black women and their babies. As a mother who nearly died because of racial disparities in hospitals, as a mother who could not breastfeed her first born because she lacked support, as a mother who suffered from postpartum depression, this is my calling. Black women deserved to be connected with the very best Obgyns, Doulas, Midwives, Lactaction Consultants, Therapists, and Spiritual Coaches.

How I Help You Grow Your Business

Social Media

Everyone is on social media. It’s important that your dream clients find you through all the noise. No, it’s not too saturated. I can help you reach the moms that need you.


Blogging does a lot of things. For one, it increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It positions you as an expert, which is awesome for gaining new clients and securing speaking gigs. It allows you to delve into the topics that matter most to your prospective clients. It increases your online presence. It solidifies your brand.

I offer blog writing. You tell me what you want to cover and I research, write it, and make sure it’s in your own voice.

Content Creation

From blog writing to creating social media graphics and captions, I handle it all. I even offer email marketing and create opt-ins and ebooks.


What People Say

“Valarie worked with me for almost a year as my Blog Manager.  One of the things that stood out in working with Valarie was her use of project management software to execute the blog posts.  I loved the fact that she utilized a well-organized system to generate blog posts for her clients. For instance, Valarie and I would collectively come up with blog topics and input them into a project management application.  Once the blog topic was finalized, I would provide her the content and she would type up the blog post.  Throughout the process, I would receive milestone notifications and could review and edit the work as needed.  It proved to be an efficient and productive system that ensured we met our deadlines.
During Valarie’s time as my Blog Manager, she understood my writing voice, audience, and executed my requests in a timely manner.  She always had a professional and courteous demeanor when communicating with me on various subject matters.  Overall, Valarie was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for Blog Management.”

-Keisha Lorraine- Celebrity Stylist

Contact me

Have Questions? Shoot me an email.

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